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At Haratz & Stubbe we combine our thorough analysis with honesty, in order to give you a full first assessment of your case. Our goal is to keep you well informed of your options and to feel prepared to plan for your future.


Telephone, Zoom, FaceTime, or email consultations are available. Initial consultations are available in English, Spanish, and Hebrew and can also be done in other languages ​​depending on your needs.


Value $250 for one hour

During your initial consultation at Haratz & Stubbe, LLC:


  • You will understand your eligibility under various immigration laws

  • You will get an honest evaluation

  • You will receive an answer to your questions

  • You will work with the lawyer on strategies to obtain positive results

  • They will discuss fees and steps to follow

  • You will come out with an individualized action plan

An attorney-client relationship is not established in the initial consultation.

The relationship is created when you and your attorney sign a legal services agreement.

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